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We now have the new ECKANKAR Spiritual Center on the same ground as the Temple of ECK, the major ECK seminars in Minneapolis, and even more focus on the Vahana work in the RESA organization. How will that affect ECKANKAR and the life of the chelas all over the world—now and in the future? And what about the world in general?

Watch to see how this plays out. The future is in your hands and depends upon you and others like you.

Yes, there is a great spiritual significance in that the new ECKANKAR Spiritual Center joins the ECK Temple and chapel on the ECK campus. Yet that is hardly the beginning and end of it. Nor is the fact that this occurred in the Year of the ECK Missionary.

Each element is certainly an important part of the whole, but only love and service will make any hope of success come true.

So it’s up to you (and you, and you).

How will this affect the world and all within it?

A quickening of the spiritual currents is in the works. The purification of Souls will speed up. The tables of politics, economics, and order in society are due to turn upside down. There will be unrest of the deepest kind.

But you will feel at peace.

Something will always be boiling over in human affairs. Yet sanctuary, peace, and contentment are in ready supply in the higher states of consciousness. The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are your means to enter them. They will be your solace. They are the springboard to love divine, to a love that excels all other things.

Take heart, for the sun shines on all who love God, the ECK, and the Master.

*   *   *

Many dramatic events are happening in my personal life, coinciding with my appointment to serve in a new spiritual position this year. Along with these personal changes, several smaller things like the car and computer need replacing. Could you shed some light on why all these changes are happening at the same time?

You have accepted a new office in ECK, so your old desk must be cleaned out to make room for the new, necessary tools you will need to collect in replacement of old tools.

The turmoil you are experiencing marks a fresh beginning. It is like a spring-cleaning.

You will shortly see a lessening of the upsets, and your personal life will become of a more manageable kind. The many disturbances are to aid your entry into a much finer state of consciousness. You will look back upon today as a time of gathering the spiritual tools essential to your new role.

Stick with it, if you can.

This lifetime is a unique opportunity, which in the end will be seen as worth every penny of your current agitations.

*   *   *

Do you have suggestions on how to perceive the Law of Economy to a greater degree? How can we best work with the Law of Economy to help your mission? Does working with the Law of Economy always lead us to the easiest and smoothest path?

The Law of Economy is actually the Law of Love. Love smooths out things.

Now that the connection between the two laws is clear, I am sure you will be able to find your own way to a fuller relationship with the Music of God. The Spiritual Exercises are naturally the key.

Working with the Law of Economy, balanced by an understanding of the Law of Love, will always lead you to the easiest and smoothest resolution of any issue.

How could it be otherwise?

—Sri Harold Klemp

Did you know?

No matter what comes, there is always a way to be in harmony with the ECK. Look for that spiritual ballast within yourself. You will be a light to the world.