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Sri Harold warmly invites you to participate in an ongoing Satsang on spiritual leadership.

A selection of articles and Q&As the Master originally presented for the training of RESAs is now offered here for your personal spiritual gain.

This opportunity is of special interest to Second Initiates and above, although available to all chelas. Articles are posted once every two weeks, and you can view them anytime on most devices.

These posts cover a dynamic range of topics. Sri Harold answers questions about ECK doctrine, the best ways to reach the heart of a seeker, how to resolve tangles in the ECK community, and why love is the only way.

You’ll also find contemplation seeds to open new possibilities of love and service.

Open the Gift!

  • Gain a greater understanding of your role as a steward of divine love in this world.
  • Experiment with new ways to reach out to life as a channel for the ECK.
  • Grow closer to the Inner Master through your mutual love and trust.

Join the Conversation

Comments? Insights? Reactions?

Sri Harold invites you to share your voice with the global ECK community, as well as in local events provided by your RESA. You may add your comments at the end of each blog post.

Every article and Q&A is a portal to the one-on-one Satsang and upliftment from the Inner and Outer Master.  Your personal insights are a boost to life itself as you grow—and you surely will—in divine coworkership, love, and wisdom.

This is the Master’s gift to you.


In the early days of the automobile, car owners put their cars up on blocks during the winter. Cars broke down all too frequently then, and the roads were well-nigh impassable. The winter roads in South Dakota, a northern state of the Midwest, were especially bad…

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What Can I Do?

An American football player was asked about the give-and-take of his sport. He said, “It’s fun when we’re the hammer. Sometimes we’re the nail!” “Lori” felt like the nail. With a master’s degree in her pocket, here she was applying for a two-bit job. But she wished…

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When God’s Love Sings

A young man from Beijing, China, once wrote to me about the gratitude he felt when a band of ECK Vahanas (missionaries) had introduced him to the beautiful love song to God, HU. But when they left, he felt empty and alone. He wondered why no other people wanted to…

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The Endless Melody

A part of my spiritual odyssey from unknowing to knowing, from Christianity to the surety of ECK, from uncertainty to confidence was often a long and tortuous grind. Later, much later, I finally learned there was a silent, invisible player involved. My ship could be…

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