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Over many centuries, you and all of today’s ECK chelas found yourselves in the company of sages, religious teachers, mentors, philosophers, and others. They were a strong influence in shaping you spiritually.

There was always this ember inside you that made you want more. Of what, you did not know.

At some point you cried for help, and the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master appeared. The distractions and emptiness of existence then began to recede. You were on your way home to God.

Love had finally come, with the Master.

A High Initiate once said he had had many fantastic experiences on the inner planes early on in ECK, but now they were more everyday encounters with ordinary people. He was grateful for them, do not misunderstand. Yet he really wished to remember a meeting with the Inner Master too. It had been so long.

With so many gifts, he longed for one more, once more.

His desire was natural, because his heart was set on returning to the abode of SUGMAD, the Ocean of Love and Mercy. His wish will come true in time.

What remains for one whom the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master has accepted for the high path of ECK is to live life gladly, in service to God and mankind. In doing so, he or she gathers rich lessons to help achieve love and spiritual perfection.

These are not just words.

The other day I half jokingly said to Joan, “The purpose of living is to keep on living; after that, all things are possible.”

“Sally” and her husband, like you, have seen their share of trouble, stress, and disappointment. Maybe due to that, they are very active ECK Vahanas. They watch for the Master’s signs of when to act and listen for when he speaks.

The couple had taken their vacuum cleaner in for its annual maintenance, but when they returned to pick it up, the cleaner could not be found. Sally called repeatedly. No, it had not been located. More calls and more visits turned into more weeks. No vacuum. In the store helping them was a tall, lanky individual with a very direct, dry sense of humor. They took to him immediately.

Observing what would turn into a long, drawn-out affair, Sally told her husband, “There’s more going on here than meets the eye.”

She was reading the Master’s signs, too obvious to ignore.

Finally, the store gave them a new vacuum. When they were on the sidewalk outside the store, where the man had carried the vacuum to the car, Sally asked, “Are you interested in God, dreams, or spirituality?” He gave a curt yes. She handed him some ECK materials.

On a return visit to adjust the new machine, the man told of his lifelong effort to formulate an approach to life.

His view was simple, very ECK-like: Do not try to force things. Everything happens for a reason.

Please, let me know of a special person you have met as a Vahana. I will try to pass your story along.

—Sri Harold Klemp

As you consider what Vahana encounter to write about, remember that you were likely once such a “special person” to some ECK Vahana.

Does your experience from back then give you an insight on sharing ECK today?

(Someday, your “special person” may be writing the Master about you!)