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The ECK Master Lai Tsi was once but one of many unknown monks in ancient China. His longing for God was an all-embracing desire, so he left society to live alone in mountain caves for fifteen years, in contemplation. He made friends with the wild animals that came to his caves.

And so Lai Tsi lived in peace. He enjoyed the freedom he found away from the clutching grasp of the materialistic society he’d cast aside.

Lai Tsi was not alone, however.

Two wonderful ECK Masters, Yaubl Sacabi and Tomo Geshig, paid him daily visits in their Atma Sarups, Soul bodies. In the company of one or the other, Lai Tsi enjoyed many exciting journeys into the splendid heavens of SUGMAD, of God. In them he found a joy and happiness far beyond anything he’d ever dreamed possible.

And then one day he was lifted up into the Anami Lok, the true home of SUGMAD Itself.

“I beheld the benign features of the SUGMAD,” Lai Tsi said, “yet today I cannot describe one thing I saw of It. It was more like being in a world of compassion, love and mercy. I now know why It is called the Ocean of Love and Mercy.”

This is what you’re aspiring to.

This is what all true seekers aspire to.

Let’s look more closely at compassion. It is one of the qualities Lai Tsi noted in that high, high heaven of consciousness and being. What is it? How does it show up in actual practice in daily living?

Of compassion, The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two, says: “Compassion involves the negative virtue of avoiding harm to others and the positive virtues of helpfulness, generosity, and sympathy when needed.”

The Shariyat here opens a thick curtain. The ECK scriptures offer you a true understanding of how to live a more spiritual life.

Again, it says: “With the diminution of the ego, wisdom arises; and, with wisdom’s dawning, compassion increases, for the clearer it becomes that the distinction between the ‘I’ and the other is unreal, the more natural it is to be compassionate.”

The true path to heaven is the works of ECK. And the works of ECK center upon the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

What does The Shariyat say is the advantage to following the Way of the Eternal?

“The radiant wisdom that gradually manifests itself within the peacefulness of the mind and heart is that which comes into the full enlightenment of the ECKshar.”

It was Lai Tsi’s dream come true.

The select quotations above will give you a decided advantage in reaching the Anami Lok too. And remember, I am with you in all places and in all things. So walk boldly, in confidence. Love and a deep longing for God will carry you home as once they did Lai Tsi.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Perhaps there is a “clutching grasp” of materialistic life that seems to blunt your spiritual progress. Consider the following spiritual exercise:

There is at least one key to a life of true spiritual leadership tucked into each paragraph of this article. Make a list of them.

This special contemplation offers you many rewards.