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How do ECK Masters work? Do they work in an organized structure more or less like what we do on earth, working for those above them and reporting upward, and having Souls working for and reporting to them? If not, do they solely work for you? Or do they work independently because they know their calling and mission? Does all that also apply to the famed ECK Masters?

The ECK Masters do indeed work within a hierarchical structure, where each level is subordinate to the one above it.

The ranking of each Master depends upon unfoldment, experience, or a particular talent. And all ECK Masters are glad to serve in whatever position they happen to be in. Each dwells within the God Consciousness, so each is therefore in complete harmony with the SUGMAD.

Periodically, there is a change of positions. Why would that be? How is it done?

Aging, of course, is not a factor in such rotations in the pure spiritual realms. This means those ECK Masters who serve on the Soul Plane or above. Yet here in the worlds of time and space, aging is a definite factor. Hence, a periodic changing of the guard when it comes to the position of the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master. A recent example is Paul Twitchell.

Others, as you well know, immortalize the body to fulfill their mission.

At any rate, the divine order reaches down into the folds of ECKANKAR and sees great responsibilities placed in the hands of you, the ECK leaders.

*   *   *

A contemplation revealed that October 22, 2004, will begin a five-year period of change and balancing. It is important to live now and do what is right, as the now affects the future. Is this meant for me personally, or is it about a larger scope of experience?

The fruit of your contemplation is both sweet and good.

Yes, October 22, 2004, did begin a short period of changing and balancing. Some feel that this is but the opening chapter to even greater changes, which will rock the very foundations of society. We’re speaking, too, of the world order.

And yes, the future is now. It’s in this day, in this hour, and in this very moment.

So put your attention on spiritual things. Observe everything in the light of Spirit, the Holy ECK. Do all in the name of the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ. And give love to all.

In so doing, you may walk in peace and safety, untroubled by the misgivings and fears of others.

The revelation from your contemplation is about your personal life as well as of much bigger things. You can manage your own spiritual life. That which occurs in the greater circle, though, is only for your knowledge.

Walk with the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ. He’ll see you through all things, and even into the heart of God.

*   *   *

One of the ECK regional-seminar themes proposed by ECKANKAR is “Touching the Face of God.” An ECK seminar also featured a workshop titled “Spiritual Exercises to Touch the Face of God.”

I wish I understood better what “the face of God” means in connection with “the heart of God.”

Is it possible to reach the heart of God? Or is it like the horizon that recedes as we get nearer?

“Touching the face of God” is a poetical way of saying, to go beyond or above the bounds of our state of consciousness in quest of the Supreme Being, SUGMAD. The expression is identical to “the heart of God.” There is no difference.

It is also like the Ocean of Love and Mercy, again, SUGMAD.

SUGMAD, you remember from The Shariyat, has an inside called Nirguna. That is to say, It has no qualities, and nothing can be said or thought about It.

The outside part is the Saguna. Here we find Its expression as eternal reality, consciousness, and joy. This is the part we refer to when employing the poetical expressions you mentioned above. We can identify with consciousness and joy. They are apparent in our lives.

“Eternal reality” is that something you strive for in contemplation.

And, yes, unlike the horizon, the SUGMAD is reachable.

—Sri Harold Klemp

When do you feel most in love with life?

People can sense the joy that emanates from an open, grateful heart. Find something today that sparks your God awareness. Experience it fully, and be a lover of life, in the name of the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ.

You are training for ECK Mastership.