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This morning, Joan and I were discussing an exceptional weekly radio program on nutrition. The cohost was absent today; a substitute filled in.

Joan said that “Mary” was the life, the heart of the show. “It’s not the same when she’s gone. The others are good, but Mary gives the program a something special that the others don’t.”

A guest mentioned that Mary was not simply taking the day off. “She’s making a video on nutrition. Mary is always working! She has a passion for helping people find better health.” Mary’s associates do have the greatest respect for her. They know her as one of those special people that is so hard to find in any profession.

Joan noted that these hosts, all trained by Mary in teaching good nutrition, usually tried to find something positive to say about the food choices of callers who called in for advice on a health concern, like migraines or obesity.

However, when a food or drink is harmful to a caller, they are quick to point it out.

There is a lesson in this.

Whenever you are with people, especially ECKists, try to catch them doing something right. Then praise them. We are trying to help people move from their present state of consciousness into a higher one. State the spiritual principles. Each individual will apply them to his or her life as seems best.

This live-and-let-live approach to others is the way of love. How far a person takes the principles depends upon one’s motivation to succeed.

Motivation is key!

A caller to the radio show told her story. She had once suffered migraine headaches as often as three times a week, forcing her to seek relief at an emergency clinic. Her bills ran into the thousands of dollars. She was desperate to shed this situation.

Moreover, there was also the problem of obesity. Her weight had ballooned to some 270 pounds.

The caller said Mary and her associates had made dietary suggestions, which she had eagerly adopted. And in less than a year, she had shed a third of her weight, just by taking better food and drink. A bonus was to see a reduction in migraine headaches. Now, they occurred only once every three months, instead of three times a week.

The caller was one happy lady! Why did she succeed? It all goes back to her strong motivation.

To make strides toward God-Realization takes a passionate motivation too, as strong as Mary’s is for helping people find better health. Is it a secret that ECKists who introduce others to the ECK teachings and serve as Arahatas, out of love for the Master, also further their own spiritual unfoldment?

It is noteworthy that when Mary is absent from the weekly show, it suffers. That is so because she can only be in one place at a time.

The Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, as you know, is in many places at once. He is always with every individual, all the time, day or night. But one must put his attention fully upon him, and so must each ECK class and assembly.

ECK chelas, singly and collectively, therefore, rely fully upon the Master’s word, whether through his articles, books, or talks, for their spiritual guidance.

The Master really is the life of the party, so to speak.

Emulate Mary’s passion. But by all means, apply it to your desire for God-Realization, the be-all and end-all for living.

—Sri Harold Klemp

You will find it a joy to look for and speak of the goodness in others. Do this with a passion, and it will bring out the goodness in you. This is another way to experience the presence of the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ.

Try this as your Friday fast, one week every month.