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A Russian proverb says, “Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear, and man from all sides.” Now, there’s an example of collective wisdom drawn from the lessons of history!

So, too, does Bob Goddard’s observation carry a lesson of history: “Just remember—when you think all is lost, the future remains.” It’s another case of life’s sharp teeth—hard experiences at their worst. They try to deny the last ray of hope to the heart of a beleaguered mortal. Yet hope springs eternal in the pages of history.

What, then, is history? Why, it’s the story of mankind’s grappling with the seen and the unseen, known and unknown forces that are forever whirling about it like some mischievous windstorm.

The life story of an individual throughout time has many chapters to it. All together, they tell of easy and difficult lives. The story is the saga of reincarnation.

But each chapter, or life, reveals any number of lessons, both the pleasant and the dreary ones.

Of course, this is all kindergarten info to you.

Yet not so elementary is the reason that a knowledge of history still holds relevance for us today. Aren’t the here and now enough? Please understand that time in the lower worlds is a continuum that embodies the past, present, and future.

The study of history rounds out the spiritual side of you.

This gathering of knowledge will broaden your understanding of who and what you are. What is the reason you reincarnated into this body, which, heaven knows, carries its share of roses and crosses? And why into this particular church, town, country, social or political class, race, and so on?

And what is behind certain of your prejudices?

A knowledge of the past may come through Soul Travel via the direct-projection method, through dreams, intuitions, other revelations, and the study of recent and ancient history. The exact method will fit the time and place.

A study of the past can be an all-too-boring enterprise in a history classroom where the teacher’s focus is simply on dates and major events. Those are certainly necessary. But if his class ignores the day-to-day lives of different classes of people within a society, the teacher sells his students short.

A good history class is hard to find. Besides, who has time for it? Yet there is another way to learn about the past.

For someone who likes to read, may I suggest historical novels whose authors are noted for weaving their stories around actual events. This, however, will often lead you to medieval mysteries. A good writer will naturally show different levels of human failings, corruption, or other folly, but he will also portray the noble or compassionate side of human nature.

Such a study of history will reveal to you a better picture of who you once were too. And what is more, you will also meet traces of the historical you right here in the present moment.

A superior storyteller can further make this learning a great pleasure for you.

How is a fuller understanding of human nature such an asset? As an ECK leader, you run into all kinds of people and situations, so a broader insight into people will help you keep your feet on the ground. You’ll be more sure in all your judgments.

Yes, you will be more able to decide whether to keep your attention in the front, in the rear, or on all sides of you.

History is a good teacher, indeed.

–Sri Harold Klemp

*   *   *

Your attention to some period of history which especially interests you holds a key to a new step in your spiritual advancement. Give it a go!