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Each of you is a very dear heart to the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master. I know of the big and little weights in your personal life that are bent on pinning you to the mat. They prove formidable opponents.

And yet, your love for the Holy Divine, SUGMAD, raises you above the smog and pollution round about.

Love really is the heartbeat of creation.

There are far too many of the dark, dark hours that seem a mainstay of mortal being. Will there ever be an end to our heartache and confusion? It looks unlikely sometimes.

But a new dawning does arrive, in good time. And again, the golden rays of hope burst forth. Life is good after all.

The HU song is a soothing balm for every bruise. The Master is at hand when you meet yourself and all the not-so-nice things you’ve done, ages or hours ago. Indeed, life is good. Very, very good.

Do you know what grieves me? It is people who take public charity because it’s there, not because of a genuine need.

They are spiritual lazybones, fatted upon the labor of others.

The very worst part is seeing their eagerness to enlist in Kal’s army of servility. So in their sloth, they shelve the good of their someday divinity. They cover the God-spark under a mail of lead.

Please understand, accept the help of others when needed. Survival is key. But do get back on your feet, if at all possible. Sometimes it’s not.

I practically cry when the spirit of people is crushed by a paternalistic government’s heel of good intentions.

Good intentions often bring unintended consequences.

On the other hand, Soul’s coming to the lower worlds is to eat and drink of every possible experience. One of these is to indenture oneself to Kal’s slave market. Food, shelter, and clothing in exchange for raw experience.

So the Master stands by. He looks for the few among the many who straighten their backs and turn their faces skyward, a silent prayer in their heart: Dear God, bring an end to this subjection.

It is then that the Master appears. Soul’s journey home to God begins.

Stories are the life of an effective homily, but you’ll have to supply your own stories. They may be yours, your family’s, or anyone else’s. You supply the spice. Otherwise, the soup is ready.

On to learning now.

We learn best by doing. Books, courses, and lectures are fine tools, but real learning begins with hands-on experience.

Senior leaders are urged to select and groom suitable candidates for leadership roles. Expose them to various duties. The idea is to prepare for ECKANKAR’s future.

And allow them time. It takes time to absorb knowledge. Start now. Again, the next generation of leaders is the future of the ECK teachings here. There is no end to the potential among our youth. They require guidance, of course, but also wise mentors who let their exuberance breathe.

In the future, too, there will be more ECKists of all ages willing to dedicate a year or two of service at the ECKANKAR Spiritual Center. Here, they’ll find friends from around the world.

All this, together, will fortify our mission: to show people the most direct way home to God.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Did someone once help you become able to stand on your own two feet as you learned to live as an ECK leader?

Reflect on what example you now are to others. Every chela has a special talent or way they love the Master. Show your glow!