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“Bryan” and “Dana” love the ECK and the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, so it is not surprising how much light shines from them, like a radiant aura of love.

They once dropped by a city’s Spring and Garden Show. The flowers had beckoned and the music had invited. So they bought tickets. The man at the ticket table was Hispanic; his hair showed threads of grey. Dana liked him. Ever the Vahana, she said, “Would you like a HU card?” He, startled, smiled and took it.

About two and a half hours later, as they were leaving, he was still at the ticket table. He put his hand over his shirt pocket. He said, “I still have what you gave me.” So Dana and Bryan stopped to chat for a few moments.

The man was gentle, sweet, and kind. He said he had just returned from a two-month vacation in Mexico.

Away from family and friends, he was undoubtedly heartened by Bryan and Dana’s friendly greeting of earlier. They were simply passing along the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ’s love to him. He was ready for it. Dana says she always checks with the Inner Master before giving someone even a HU card. It is the very reason she is such a successful ECK Vahana.

You may be so fortunate as to have a dozen or more of such dedicated ECK Vahanas, like Dana and Bryan, in your own region. You are then truly blessed.

“Bella” is another of those ECKists who gives and gives and gives. She is like a fountain of love. Nothing daunts her. Paradoxically, this stream of divine love that flows from her attracts like-minded people. It draws them but never repels. That is the nature of love, for it is like the gift of pure, fresh water offered to a thirsty, weary traveler.

The coffee shop is one of Bella’s before-work stops. The server behind the counter had apparently noticed Bella’s cheerful demeanor every morning. The young woman moved over to the condiment stand, where Bella was standing. She stared at Bella.

Point-blank, she blurted, “Where do you work?”


“Oh, yeah! I know where you work. Do you love your job?” Bella replied, “Yes, I love my job very much.”

Soon, they were on a first-name basis. “And what do you love about your job, Bella?” Bella replied, “I have the greatest opportunity to serve so many wonderful people all over the world!”

Wendy, the server, said she liked her job, and she did her best to serve. “Although,” she admitted, “I have reservations about the serving some days.”

Bella could sense that Wendy was not proud of her job: making and serving coffee. Wendy confirmed that.

“Some people come in so grumpy most days,” she said. “And then, once they have the coffee, presto, they’re a new person! I know it’s because of the coffee being a stimulant.”

But Bella reassured her. She said, “People make choices. I just notice how kind you are to me and the other customers. You provide the courtesy and joy, as well as the beverages the customers request.”

To me, in a letter, Bella confided, “It seems so simple that all we need to do is just acknowledge another Soul’s gift of service and love!”

Yes, it is that simple. It is a great service to all.

—Sri Harold Klemp


Here’s a natural way to be a light unto the world: Look for every chance today to acknowledge a gift of love and service given by another. Make each instance a sincere gift from your heart.