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“Jen” sometimes needed inspiration. At such times, she came to wonder if she really was spiritually fit enough to keep her eye on God-Realization as her goal in this lifetime. Once, she had a dream.

Two people were standing in a dry riverbed. They called, “Come join us in the svaha race!”

Jen looked down at herself. She was surprised to see the body of a twenty-year-old, certainly in good shape. She realized that in this case, svaha meant going on to God-Realization. Their invitation meant Come on, really go for it. You are fit enough.

In short, Jen really only needs to put forth the effort.

When she needs help to stay the course, some of the Master’s sayings come to mind, like this: “For the chela enlivened by the ECK, ‘can’t’ and ‘impossible’ have no meaning.” “The ECK Masters have set the goal of God-Realization for the chelas in ECK, and keeping this in mind will carry you through hard times.”

“Soul is a chip off the SUGMAD.” And, “Love drives Soul on.”

Love does drive Soul on. It urges doing whatever it takes to reach God Consciousness.

Jen has an older sister, “Liz.” For all the years Jen has been in ECK, her sister refused to have anything at all to do with it. Moreover, her goal in life was to gain wealth. Money meant love to her.

Unfortunately, it always seemed to slip through her fingers, causing the loss of close personal relationships.

But now, very recently, true love had finally found its way into her life.

A message from Liz on Jen’s answering machine said, “I had this dream last night, and it makes me so happy! I want to talk to you about it.” Bright excitement lit her voice. So Jen called her back.

Liz’s dream went like this: She drove into a massive parking lot, in front of a dentist’s office.

She then entered the doctor’s office. There to greet her was none other than Jen, who worked there. “All who worked there were so friendly and so happy,” said Liz. Jen noted that Liz used the word “happy” many times over.

She brought the dentist out to meet Liz. Both were delighted to meet each other. The dentist, said Liz, was blond and tan.

However, when Liz went out to the parking lot to leave, someone had taken her car.

Then, a little Mexican man drove up in a tiny car. He was jammed into it. Liz was simply too big to fit inside, so the little man could not take her home.

That was the dream.

“What does it mean?” asked Liz.

Jen replied, “Since I work there, it must be a Temple of Golden Wisdom. The dentist is one who fixes teeth so a patient can chew food properly and take in its nutrition. And nutrition is love.”

The doctor? The ECK Master Gopal Das.

And the little Mexican man? Liz liked Mexicans, because they had always been good to her.

Out of the blue, Liz added that she had just joined a prayer group. “I like them,” she said, “and they like me.” She had been looking for something like that for a while, although she felt uncomfortable with the way they prayed for people.

That tidbit was the missing link to the dream’s interpretation.

Jen concluded, “The prayer group is the little Mexican car. Their consciousness is too small for you; they can’t get you home to God.”

Liz accepted all this. The dream had left her surprisingly happy. Jen was equally so, for she knew that her sister had put herself into the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ’s hands, and she would never, ever regret it.

Indeed, love does drive Soul on.

—Sri Harold Klemp

What key ECK phrases or axioms bolster your confidence and your focus on the goal of God-Realization? You may want to write them down and contemplate on each one. What is its deep meaning for you?

Your dreams may give you new insights to stay the course.