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What inner work would best support the Satsang Society?

You know how to ask a tough question! Let’s look at it.

The ECK Satsang Societies operate under the inner and outer guidance of the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master. The RESA does his or her level best to ensure that the teachings and practices of ECKANKAR are faithfully carried out according to his wishes. The way to do this is to follow the guidelines the Living ECK Master issues from the ECKANKAR Spiritual Center.

So, you see, your outer work is largely what best supports an ECK Satsang Society.

Yet, as you suggest, there is also an inner side to it. This part is crucial. It is crucial because it centers directly upon the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. They are all-important. The spiritual exercises are the key to how effectively you can meet the broad array of situations that crop up.

In a nutshell, then, your own personal practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK is the best inner work you can do to support the ECK Satsang Society.

*   *   *

Thank you for your constant inner and outer guidance. Sometimes we’re asked to clarify that we chant only HU when together in groups. Is it permitted to chant other holy words in certain circumstances, e.g., at chela retreats?

Also, I’ve heard that some use the HU chant to get ECKists’ attention so a meeting can start, and others hold hands while singing HU. I’ve researched where you’ve written about chanting but welcome any further understanding.

Please stick to HU for group chanting that includes initiates of levels one to four. Also, sing HU in groups of Higher Initiates mixed with those levels or that include newcomers.

The idea of holding hands while singing HU is a psychic, social practice. It is not to be done. It is pure astral, a splitting away from the high, clear teachings of ECK. Those who do it mean well, but they’re misguided.

You also mention that some use the HU chant to get the attention of ECKists before a meeting. The HU chant does, indeed, spiritualize the group consciousness, and it sets the right tone for the meeting. But it is a mistake to use it as a controlling factor to bring order to the room.

The leader should instead announce in a clear voice that the meeting is about to start. Would everyone please find a seat so the HU chant may begin.

*   *   *

Some initiates seem to incorporate other “truths” into ECKANKAR discussions. Any suggestions on how to get them back on track, at least at ECKANKAR functions?

At present, we usually exclude them as speakers.

Your policy to exclude them is a sound practice. Some people prove themselves unable to discriminate between what is or is not suitable at an ECK event. They want to impress others with their “wisdom.”

Even some speakers at major seminars toss in a pet interest, after being advised to keep it ECK. Later, when asked to explain, they are baffled by the reproach. They could not, or would not, understand.

Look for other positions for them to fill, like an usher, or perhaps one who sets up chairs for an ECK event.

Keep ECK presentations ECK.

What motive drives people who introduce pet interests into ECK presentations? It may be to impress others with their broad knowledge. Or a desire to “juice up” the basic ECK message. Or to win the social approval of their audience. Vanity on display.

In reality, they dilute the ECK teachings.

So stick with the ECK guidelines, as you’ve so wisely done.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Every Soul thirsts for the Light and Sound of God. Keeping ECK events on track via the guidelines helps the true ECK message glide more seamlessly into the inner bodies where Soul meets the Inner Master.

Every so often, review Spiritual Duties of the ECK Volunteer. Then watch your dreams and contemplations. You may find yourself invited to lead a Satsang on these guidelines in a Golden Wisdom Temple.