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Since truth can only be caught, could you share some tools and techniques to perpetually expand one’s capacity to listen—particularly to help truth seekers open their hearts to better catch the truth?


The stamp of one’s character is nestled in the seemingly obscure words Anything you do is everything you do.

Uncloaked a layer, it reads Do what you do, do well.

The key to catching truth is loving what we do, no matter how humble. “Loving” means to become absorbed in chores, duties, recreations, interests, and ECK contemplations.

When you lose yourself in an activity, a light contemplative state can result. Understandings often come to the fore.

The key to catching truth, again, is simply to love what we do. That’s the best guidance for any truth seeker.

*   *   *

A group of chelas in a Satsang class were discussing the question of love. Here is what they asked me, and I wonder if you could provide the answer: “It is clear that the ECK cannot/should not be directed. But for example, in the instance of a troubled or sick friend or relative, can one offer a blessing of love?”


The question behind the question is how to be a clear channel for the ECK.

The point of true love is to give freedom to another, not restricting the individual in any way. Now, a health-care professional is on safe ground because the one in need comes to the healer for help, thus giving permission.

There is a developing science called energy healing. It is done either hands-on or remotely.

Using this method, trained healers simply act like a water pipe, which, of itself, is empty. So these healers are clear channels, simply open to the ECK Current, which flows through them like water.

They let their own energy interchange with the patient’s, while also recognizing a third, higher energy, the source of the human ones. No attempt is made at diagnosis. Where, however, is there an energy blockage, and can it be smoothed out?

For most people, though, it means touching, holding another’s hand, or massaging. Pick up and hug a crying child, for instance.

A loved one at a distance will benefit most if you see him or her in your inner vision and fill yourself with love. That is all.

*   *   *

You have spoken many times about ECK Mastership and God-Realization. What are the steps I can take each day that will bring me to the heart of God in this present life? I’d like to look back at this life and know I have given my heart totally to love and service.


The Living Word, Book 3, speaks of your very concern. In “Behind the Scenes with Paul Twitchell,” it tells what the ECK Masters do. They “pursue their missions with simplicity and grace. They reverberate to the Music of God. It compels their every impulse and deed.”

Let everything you do be done with all your love and attention.

Love will carry you into new places of service. For example, three octogenarians, all with real health problems, are on call, around the clock, to greet soldiers leaving for combat or returning from it. They go to their airport, a major embarkation center, to shake hands with soldiers before their next departure.

These deeds of kindness give the octogenarians a sense of making the most of their remaining days.

There are countless other ways to make a difference in the lives of those in need, wealthy or poor, weak or strong. Mainly, do what you like to do. Put all your love there.

This is a proven way to advance spiritually.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Each of these Q&As describes a unique action of divine love. Does one especially light up for you?

Take it into contemplation to explore its importance for you today.