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We have been experiencing a wonderful increase in attendance by both seekers and chelas at our ECK Light and Sound Services and Sound of Soul events.

Recently, after a few of these events, some chelas and guests did not return. Others expressed discomfort and distraction, due to those who sing HU in a loud or uniquely singsong manner, and not in a long, drawn-out breath as demonstrated by the officiator when introducing the HU Song.

We want to be welcoming to all so they feel comfortable and want to return. Is there a gentle way to let these chelas know that we respect their freedom to sing HU privately in any way Spirit directs them, while at the same time asking them to be considerate of others when singing HU in a public setting?

What can we do to help in situations like this?

Your Vahana efforts are laudable. Higher attendance at your ECK Light and Sound Services and Sound of Soul events demonstrates the harmony of effort in that area.

However, there are some crows in the choir. They harm your Vahana achievements.

You are right in that such persons need a reminder.

We can let our hair down at home, but we generally comb our hair and tidy up before going out in public. It is to fit in. The ECK teachings surely are about spiritual freedom. Yet to move into that state of expanded consciousness also requires a lot of self-discipline. Curious harmonies should be left at home and not aired at ECK events.

It is like attending ECK functions in dirty clothes and not bathing. Such behavior is offensive and a disregard of public decency.

When needed, begin with a gentle reminder that touches upon the points given herein.

*  *  *

Sometimes quarrels arise between chelas. They accuse each other of something or just do not like each other. If one comes to a meeting, the other goes away.

What is to be done in this situation? Just talk privately to each of them? Or is it better to have a general meeting and talk about the responsibilities that come with being an ECK leader?

It’s a shame, isn’t it, how some chelas love their own opinions and righteousness more than the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ or each other?

How to handle these situations?

Both your ideas are good. First, talk privately with each of the quarrelsome parties. Second, do hold a general meeting and focus on the “Personal Conduct” part of Spiritual Duties of the ECK Volunteer.

Love and harmony among us are so necessary to reach all people looking for God.

We must be patient with one another.

*  *  *

I would appreciate some insights on how to work with love when dealing with complex issues that involve an untangling of karmic relationships within the ECK community. Some issues that seem long-standing, and to some extent have been buried, are surfacing.

Karmic relationships come in all flavors, from warm and affectionate to hostile and antagonistic. It’s the nature of karma.

Negative displays have no place anywhere, especially in ECK settings. Jealousy and anger are particularly disruptive. Chelas who refuse to practice the social graces should stay home and not pollute the air for others.

It is a matter of self-love versus divine love. Which is it to be?

These words are spoken with love and understanding. Others have also stopped at this crossroads, wondering if it was time to take a higher road. And which was it? The ones who asked the Master’s guidance in contemplation chose the right road.

—Sri Harold Klemp

In this historic time, most ECK communities enjoy the freedom to meet, worship, and socialize. It has not always been so.

Ask the Inner Master how you can express your gratitude for this blessing by being a living channel for his love at ECK gatherings. This is a sacred part of Satsang.