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Have you ever observed the nature of miracles? Rather, have you noticed who sees them and who does not?

Some people do; most people don’t. Why do you suppose that is? Of course, you know the answer. Here you would like to say, “Why, it’s elementary, my dear Harold. Some people enjoy a state of consciousness that allows them to notice miracles. Others just aren’t there yet.”

And you would be right! That is because miracles happen all the time. Life, in fact, is a miracle, from beginning to end, forever.

So the wonder of miracles is really no wonder at all. What is a wonder, however, is that some people actually can observe them. Again, the wonderful thing is how some enjoy a state of consciousness so finely tuned that many miracles uncloak for their eyes.

A year before I mentioned J. Allen Boone’s Kinship with All Life at an ECK seminar, an ECKist got a chance to see how the Spirit of God links all living creatures.

“Jessica” had come home tired after work one day. She was hardly in the mood to deal with a huge, Texas-sized fly that greeted her in the kitchen. It was buzzing and jumping around the kitchen windows. Its message was clear: “Let me outside!”

Tired, and upset by the huge fly, Jessica said out loud, “If there were a cat in this house, you’d be a buzzing cat toy.”

No sooner had she uttered those unkind words than she regretted them.

“Look,” she said, “I just want to get you to the front door so you can be outside and be free.”

At those words, the fly took off across the room. It flew straight to the front door and waited patiently until Jessica came over, opened the door, and let it out. Everything was so natural. An ordinary person might never have thought to let this little after-work drama play out in this way.

A flyswatter would have spoiled everything. The fly was there for a reason.

Joan is very good at going with the flow of ECK. It is the reason she seldom seems to get upset. Delays, unexpected interruptions—these and all other occurrences outside the ordinary, all these things she regards as entries in the Mahanta’s day planner.

For example, on occasion we will miss a freeway exit while on the way to an appointment. “There must be a reason,” she says philosophically. “It’s put us on a different schedule.”

And that’s that!

Or, we will be at home, going about our usual routine, when some uncommon alarm sounds. What’s the message? she wonders.

Her attitude reflects a complete trust in the Mahanta. Everything is in its rightful place.

When people come to you with some wrinkle in their life that seems beyond ironing out, explore with them how their problem might really be a cloud with a silver lining. A blessing! A gift of the Master!

You have plenty of occasions, I am sure, to help people through the mud puddles in their life. If you can help them see, you will perform a great spiritual service for them.

Miracles? They do go like this, don’t they?

—Sri Harold Klemp

Trusting the ECK opens our eyes to the ever-present “silver linings.”

Let your trust and confidence in the Mahanta help you share just the right words of encouragement with others.