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Do today’s seekers have different needs than seekers in the past? Are there new or different things we can do to help them find and connect with the teachings of ECK?

Remember that Soul’s inborn desire is to return to God. The bonds of illusion bind It for the longest time, but finally It shakes free of them. The individual is then open to the teachings of ECK.

In a very real sense, everyone—from the mightiest to the most humble wanderer—is an ECK chela.

The ESC is continually passing along new ways to inform people of the Light and Sound of God, the highway to heaven. If you have tried something new that is successful, please pass along the details through your RESA.

We help each other help others.

*   *   *

What is the best way for a Vahana to tend to the needs of those seekers he or she serves?

Listen to the inquirer. The individual is coming from a concern of some sort. If all were well, he would not move from his comfort zone and approach you for info about ECKANKAR.

Until you know the seeker’s spiritual need, you do not know which aspect of the ECK teachings to highlight.

We have often spoken of the need to listen to newcomers, but follow up to be sure this approach has taken root in your area.

There is a wonderful side to the art of listening: it may teach us all kinds of new things.

Foremost, in my mind, is a glimpse into another, perhaps new, expression of divine consciousness. It is a privilege to enjoy another’s trust, which shows a bit of itself as that Soul struggles to make clear to you what concerns It.

*   *   *

Is there another step to help me serve the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ with his mission?

Many Souls are eager to begin the adventure home to God. They are now sorting through the many diversionary sidetracks that will result in still more dead-end games.

Our challenge is to find these Souls.

Your next step is to meet that challenge by giving them the news about ECK in ways they understand, and in places they frequent.

ECK programs and events announced in the public forum are vital. The follow-up comes next. When guests do come to ECK functions, put yourself in their shoes. If it were you, would you rather be treated like a stranger or a friend? The answer is obvious.

—Sri Harold Klemp

​Think about the encounters of your day. Did your Vahana heart pick up on the spiritual needs of others?

The Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ will help you refine your inner listening skills if you ask.