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The Germans say, “Sturm und Drang” (storm and stress). This term recalls a play by Friedrich von Klinger and became a tag for the later rebellions of the Romantic era. Liberty for individuals, then, dethroned the royal scepter. It was an age of unbridled passions, storm and stress.

Sturm und Drang speaks of the high and low tides of living, like soap operas on TV. People are enthusiastic players in their own “soaps.” Yet they quickly complain of the script and their miscast roles in the production.

Would anyone with full knowledge of another’s karma even want to trade places?

I think not. The troubles of each are ancient patterns chosen by the Lords of Karma, because the resolution of salvation lies within them. Soul plays out lifetimes in such soaps, eventually earning the chance to direct Its own destiny when It gains spiritual liberty.

Soul is then free to come and go in the worlds of God.

Free! Free to delight in God’s love. Free to learn, unfold, and serve Its Maker. Free to live as It pleases. Free to just be.

Spiritual freedom is the invisible carrot beyond a donkey’s Sturm und Drang. Yet he is ever reaching for it. He plods on. Driven by whims of wind and route, the poor creature may not turn from an ordered course.

What’s the donkey to do?

What do people do? How do they handle the things they can change and those they cannot? Some complain, others smile and endure. Which of the two gains most spiritually?

An ECK leader meets every possible combination of both the cheerful and the sullen, the noble and the base, the builder and the parasite.

Over time you will see many episodes of people’s Soaps of Life playing in your area. How to manage the resultant storm and stress?

Your benefactor the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master is your on-call confidant, your spiritual counsel. He can show how to restore calm to troubled waters, Sturm und Drang. So ask him. He’s always with you. Listen closely, for he speaks in your heart. Keep it open to his love.

He is the Spiritual Traveler, a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide. His footsteps have trod all the high places; yet he, too, once languished in Kal’s darkest prisons, in deep despair.

Freedom? He now lives and breathes the very air.

He and you, his loyal disciple, follow a divine directive. It is to inspire others to begin the journey to the heart of God, here and now. Show them how to rise above the Sturm und Drang via ECK.

Love is the source of your ability to inspire others. Do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Meet the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ in privacy.

Help with the ECK intros, discussions, and ECK Satsang classes. Tell seekers by word of mouth.

Then the healing oils of ECK may soothe those who despair in these times of Sturm und Drang.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Every conflict enfolds a blessing of increase. It may be of strength, wisdom, compassion, surrender, acceptance, restraint, or detachment. Or any other quality of Soul.

Examine a recent case of troubled waters in your own world. What you gained from it will help you share the gift of true freedom with others.