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A new member of ECKANKAR phoned “Anne,” an ECK leader. Anne wondered, Would it be to unburden himself? Far from it. In fact, he’d called to share his joy from an awakening. He’d just realized that many years before he’d even heard of ECK, the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ had been guiding and protecting him. In retrospect, he saw that his hardest experiences had actually been blessings, to help him develop inner strength.

He simply wished to share the recognition he was having that the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ was always with him. Both Anne and the new chela found themselves in tears as he groped for words to describe this discovery.

On another occasion, during a HU Song, a newcomer sat down beside Anne. She told of recently driving to the hospital to see her dying sister. Crying on the way, she had suddenly heard the beautiful strains of a celestial orchestra. Upon arriving at the hospital, she learned it was the very moment her sister had passed on.

This newcomer had since been looking at different religions and paths to find an answer to her experience. Now she wanted to take that next step in ECKANKAR, so Anne helped her enter the Easy Way program.

Anne herself had been to the hospital to visit a friend. Anne would sing HU aloud for the person, and both would feel a huge wave of divine love wash through them. They laughed with sheer joy.

But then, about a half year later, a dark cloud began to descend and try to steal Anne’s sunshine.

A longtime ECK Initiate had been in touch with her, sending emails and calling on the phone. Over time, she guessed, he’d finally worked up the courage to tell the ECK office he was leaving ECKANKAR.

He’d been disgruntled in earlier contacts with her, bringing up many negatives: the prior Living ECK Master, minimasters, other paths, critiques of the ECK path, the discourses, and even criticism of the Living ECK Master.

After this call, Anne was exhausted.

She lay down thinking, “Wah Z, I know what I need to do—put it all in the River of Light and regain my energy. I need your help!” Then she sang HU inwardly and shut her eyes.

Immediately, the Master appeared. She said to him, “Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, it’s like the spiritual exercise where I give you my troubles in a basket, except look at this!”

All around her lay piles of fresh, smelly manure. He patiently waited while she shoveled the odoriferous stuff into a wheelbarrow. Then he opened a strong, very large bag while she carefully shoveled all the manure into it. He waited while she cleaned the shovel and wheelbarrow.

Next, they headed to the side of a river where they bent down to thoroughly wash their hands.

Then, grinning, Wah Z jumped into the river, clothes and all! She followed him. He led her to a large waterfall. “Try this!” he challenged, smiling widely as he stood underneath the cascading water. It felt so good, cleansing, and refreshing to her.

The waterfall then turned into a stream of white light. Every one of her cells was cleansed, transformed, and refreshed. She stayed under the waterfall as long as possible.

When she awoke, she felt marvelous, restored. “What a miracle the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Inner Master, is!” she exclaimed in wonder. She ended her account by thanking the Master for allowing her to learn and grow while serving others, and for the pure joy it brings.

Sunshine follows the storm.

A word is in order about the former H.I.’s request to leave ECKANKAR. When someone asks to leave ECK, we comply with the request. We respect one’s freedom to change paths.

Please note, when someone does make that request, it’s because of not doing the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, which weakens the love bond between Master and chela. Unbelievably, some people think unfoldment comes without self-discipline or love. Something for nothing? The ECK program is not a social-welfare scheme. It is simply the most direct path home to God.

Anne’s stories—from sunshine to storm to sunshine—carry a clear message: Let’s enjoy our golden moments.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Is there something in your life you would like to shovel into a wheelbarrow with the Master at your side? Try Anne’s technique, or create your own. Really give yourself over to this spiritual exercise.

A gift of purification is waiting for you!