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Reports are coming in from ECK chelas about the success they are having in reaching seekers. They credit new methods that you have tried in your areas, with prior approval from the ECKANKAR Spiritual Center, and which the ESC then tested before passing them along to other areas.

Together, we can accomplish miracles.

A powerful Vahana tool still remains stories, from ECKists and guests alike. Stories about the Light and Sound of God. To be sure, seekers can hear the ring of truth in stories, and our guests soon recognize that they are among people who share their dreams of spiritual freedom.

So stories do matter. They confirm that ECKANKAR, the most direct path to God, is actually the superhighway of the SUGMAD.

“Martin” was born into a humble family in southern Nigeria. He was able to read the Bible in English and his native tongue at an earlier age than other children. That drew him closer to pastors and his bishop. However, he began to find disturbing shortcomings in biblical accounts.

St. John’s account in Revelation fascinated him. This holy man told of being in spirit and witnessing many spiritual wonders. So what was Revelation’s shortcoming?

It neglected to tell a reader how to get into the same state and enjoy similar experiences as St. John had.

In another case, Martin noted that what Jesus taught the multitudes about how to pray was general information only. Then he would withdraw with his twelve disciples and teach them more specific ways of communing with God. That done, he would go apart from the twelve with Peter, James, and John. Presumably, he gave them even more private instructions.

Martin was frustrated because these private lessons were largely unrecorded.


All the pastors and even the bishop could not help him there. He was quite disturbed by these apparent shortcomings in the holy scriptures.

So Martin wanted to learn how the heavens would open for him too. He further wished to learn the special prayers of the twelve disciples, those of Jesus’s three favorite disciples, and, if possible, those of Christ too. But he remained an outsider.

A bewildered Martin went to bed one night and had a vivid experience, more real than any dream.

In a churchyard, he saw a globe of very bright Light beam down from the sky and mark a circle the size of a bicycle wheel on the ground. He traced It up to Its source in the sky and saw that It came from a smiling human face.

Martin ran into the church to call to worshippers, who were praying and singing.

“Come and see!” he cried. “The Christ you have been waiting for has come.” Only two men bothered to come back to the spot, where the Light was brighter than ever. However, they saw nothing! To convince them of Its reality, Martin stepped into the circle of Light.

He instantly became a globe of light too. He illuminated distances that cut through to several continents, in a 360° view from his place in the center. Years later, he finally found the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master—and ECKANKAR. He calls it the superhighway to SUGMAD.

Many seekers are around you. Please help them find this divine superhighway too. That is why you are here, isn’t it?

—Sri Harold Klemp

Look around for those who may have nearly given up hope of ever finding the special prayers, instruction, or teacher that can open the heavens to Soul.

The Master can reveal their desire to you. See what you discover about your special purpose as a Coworker with the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ.