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A part of my spiritual odyssey from unknowing to knowing, from Christianity to the surety of ECK, from uncertainty to confidence was often a long and tortuous grind. Later, much later, I finally learned there was a silent, invisible player involved. My ship could be sailing west, then suddenly scudding to the east.

These 180-degree shifts in direction baffled me. Yet I sensed a method to this apparent randomness.

Was there a “who” behind such magical interventions? Or perhaps just fate?

Along the way I learned the presence was that of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. He was guiding my spiritual steps but always allowing me free rein. My spiritual freedom always stood front and center.

You recall my once telling of the Endless Melody? An ECKist later undertook a musical composition, giving it the same title. It wasn’t even close, though well crafted.

Finally comes an accurate description of this divine melody.

Linda has given me permission to share her story with others, and I do so gladly. This is to reassure you of the Master’s presence, and the comfort it affords.

She’d cared for her husband several long months, during his final battle with cancer. It was a difficult time for him. He was a Seventh Initiate. She noted that translation was an ordeal for him, despite being as well prepared as he was. Then an experience occurred that brought her much-needed comfort.

During the last three weeks of his life, his health eroded quickly. Linda began playing the HU CD nonstop, because she knew that was what he would have wanted. She played it for about a week. Then one day she turned it off.

Much to her amazement, she could still hear the HU, the secret name of God. It was as if the veil between life and death were thinning.

The first week it sounded like the singing of thousands of voices. The orchestral music was unbelievably beautiful, and the second week it began to increasingly blend with the HU of the first week. Another ECKist could hear it too.

Linda went to sleep with this celestial symphony and woke to it.

The third week, the week her husband died, violins were added to the mix, like the featured instruments of a concerto. It was a great comfort for her to know there is and was so much support on the other side. And after his departure, the music and singing continued just as strongly as ever, for the next day.

The second day after his passing, the music and singing began to fade. It was weaker, less clearly defined. She felt the veil was going back up. The third day, it was still more distant.

The fourth day, gone.

Linda felt honored and privileged to have heard this wondrous gift. She also knows that in each and every thing people do, they never need do it alone. There is always someone on the inner or outer planes to guide one and all whenever the need arises.

“You’re never alone,” she affirms.

The Endless Melody, so dear to my heart. Linda and another chela, too, were blessed by this gift. Though countless variations of the Audible Sound Current exist, this one, to me, is a special delight. It heals wounds.

Maybe someday the Mahanta will likewise bless you, if not already.

—Sri Harold Klemp

Yes, you can invite an experience of the Endless Melody into your heart.

The Master guides, but your spiritual freedom is paramount. Learn more about this by practicing the art, grace, and discipline of allowing spiritual freedom for others.

As an ECK leader, it will serve you well.