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The Master used “Tom’s” water filtration system to warn him of an impending, grave physical condition.

Friday evening, Tom found water in his basement. That was very unusual. There’d been no rain for two weeks, and water had never even seeped into the basement before. Yet a large pool of water now covered the carpet. A close inspection the following morning by a friend showed a pump failure in the water system. That was Saturday.

His friend immediately ordered a new part and installed it Monday morning.

After work Monday evening, Tom noticed a vibration coming from a pipe leading to the pump. His friend would be over at 8 a.m. the next day.

A couple of hours before his alarm was to ring, Tom awoke to see the afterimage of two kidney-shaped objects in his vision. So strong were they that he determined to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor to learn the reason. Then he slipped back to sleep again.

The alarm that morning found him extremely tired and unbelievably thirsty. Yet the more he drank, the more tired and thirsty he felt.

Something was clearly wrong. The “cotton mouth” remained.

When his friend arrived, Tom told him how he was feeling and asked, If he was no better when the repair was finished, would he drive him to the emergency room? Fifteen minutes later, they were on the way. In a few quick minutes, he was in the emergency room, attended by doctors and nurses.

He was getting worse—physically weaker and thirstier, blood pressure dropping, a racing heart, hyperventilation. And to clinch it, all the water he’d drunk that morning came back up in a matter of moments.

Nor could he stop this from occurring.

He’d tried, without success, to tell the medicos he was dehydrated. Now his words hit home.

They instantly hooked him up with an intravenous bag of fluids. Slowly, he began to feel better. Three bags went into him that day, and soon he felt much improved.

So how did his condition come about? He’d ignored his body’s cries for water. Two jobs to make ends meet, and other activities, had led him to lessen his water intake, with the idea of squeezing out more time to work. It meant fewer trips to the restroom. Oh, the folly! But now he knew better.

Looking back, he was thankful for the water pump’s breakdown and for the inner guidance to check the basement for water. He was also grateful for his friend’s several return trips for repairs.

Without that final repair appointment to roust him from bed, it’s likely Tom would never have awakened.

The Master’s hand was evident in the hunch, inner guidance. Fifteen minutes more in bed could well have spelled Tom’s demise, but the Master gave him another chance on life.

In Nigeria, the Master’s photo passed from an ECK chela to many non-ECKists. Therein lies a tale.

A recipient of his photo traveled to visit her sister, whose husband had translated. But there was serious trouble in her village. An armed gang was breaking into homes. They killed, robbed, and assaulted people, showing no mercy.

One night, the gang began to hammer on her sister’s front door. All inside fled to interior rooms, except for the deceased’s little son. He boldly opened the door and addressed the gang.

“My father just died a few days ago, so we don’t have any money.” He added, “But mummy prepared a nice meal you would like, if you don’t mind.” The gang members looked at one another, then broke and fled. The occupants then gathered in the sitting room.

What had made the gang speed off?

The boy explained: “When they began to hit the door, the man in my aunt’s photo told me what to do. And when I did, they ran away.”

The Master’s hand.

–Sri Harold Klemp

Inspect the events of your week and look for signs of the Master’s hand working on your behalf.

These signs may first appear faint of fuzzy. Look more deeply. Your gratitude fuels clearer vision!