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We have wonderful momentum—energy and enthusiasm carrying over from activities during The Year of Light and Sound. In A Year of Spiritual Healing, some chelas are saying it’s a time to rest. Yet I’m feeling pulled to keep going, to be there for all the wonderful Souls you are touching inwardly, to make the HU and the teachings of ECKANKAR available to those who are ready.

Is there a little of both needed? Do I need to create the space for those who need to stop and take a rest, while encouraging those who are ready to keep moving ahead?

You have it exactly right!

Some will need to rest. Encourage those chomping at the bit to take on greater responsibilities, to help you reach all whom the Master called. This Year of Spiritual Healing will energize chelas who serve others. Watch them go. Be there for them. Mankind is hungry for news of ECK.

My love and smiles go with you.

*    *    *

At a recent seminar you said, “True seekers are heart people, so use heart methods to find them.” Can you please describe more about heart methods? How does this relate to ECK leaders?

Yours is a good question, and I’ll do my best to give you some things to consider.

There are two broad areas of people—those who are largely mental in their approach to everyday life, and others who operate mainly on inner guidance. But note, there is no one who is all one or the other. Everyone is a mixture of the two. So you won’t find someone who is 100 percent a heart person.

Getting along well in this world means making plans, to know what and when to do something in order to complete a project.

And there are also two ways to go about it. First, with a lockstep, rigid approach that has the stamp of a base motive like a pressing need for recognition, a desire to gain a lot of money or property, or a fear of failure in some way. That would be the way of a mind person.

Second is a heart person. He, too, makes plans, but he just loves what he’s doing.

His eyes light up. And that’s because he does what he does out of love for the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ. So you’re looking for a levelheaded person who listens to his intuition too. In this way, a potential ECK leader and a seeker are the same. They are the ones to approach with love in your heart.

*    *    *

How can I be a better channel to discover and contact those ready for ECK?

It challenges your vision and versatility to reach the people who love life but also harbor a disturbing sense that something of infinite value has eluded them. Continue to work with other key leaders who can lay the groundwork. Find the “heart people” by whatever means available to you.

Yours is a seldom-given chance to grow in all things divine.

—Sri Harold Klemp

When you’re doing something with all your love, your heart shines outward like a beacon of Light and Sound. Watch for those who respond to this. The Inner Master will help you know the next step.