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There is such a push today to stir up envy among the masses, the premise being that all should enjoy the same standard of living, merely because they exist.

This push by Kalistic leaders passes over major discrepancies. For example, some people are industrious; others, lazy. A portion will do; a portion won’t. Some are creative; too many do not care to exercise the disciplines of creativity. A scattering are mentally alert; the rest, asleep.

And all somehow deserve the same lifestyle?

What’s wrong with this picture?

It is an attempt by societal leaders to distort real differences among people by standing forth as champions of the underdogs. However, they scheme for influence and power. As “champions,” who would begrudge them more power, more money, large offices, or better homes?

Do those officials not deserve a few amenities for their services to the public good?

How does this struggle concern you? It is an assault on the spiritual principle of the individuality of Soul. You must deal with it and other guises of falsehood like it. The Kal wants to keep as many people in bondage as possible, for as long as possible, as far from the truth of ECK as possible.

By now you know how the Kal’s game is played.

Society’s leaders are Kal agents, whose mission is that of a work crew assigned to the road to spiritual freedom. They work hard.

Diligently, they set up and maintain obstructions like bottlenecks, barriers, and detours. It is a life’s calling. Their purpose is to block and frustrate every expression of independence.

Freethinkers are dangerous!

They behave like the wild cattle that cowboys rousted from thickets before an Old West cattle drive. These solitary cattle were a poor mix with the more docile beefs on grass-rich pastures that had grown up in a herd.

Brush longhorns took unkindly to curbs on their freedom. They spelled trouble. So cowhands kept a careful eye on them.

These untamed outlaw cattle were ever on the lookout to make a break for freedom. But one dash for freedom could result in a stampede, the cowboys worried.

Kalistic rulers, like cowboys, want easy-to-manage herds, not a stampede.

The rulers of Kal have set up multiple diversions to bewilder and occupy the public mind, which is like soft clay on a potter’s wheel. It can be formed into whatever shape the potter desires.

Truth seekers, now spiritually apart in heart from the crowd, are like brush cattle forced in with a bunch of related creatures not to their liking.

They want out!

The Kal and his agents want them in.

A great battle rages in the heart and mind of a seeker. What is truth? Where is truth?

When the seeker finally comes across an ECK presentation, expect to meet a fragile Soul, one who has successfully passed the first tests on his way to mastership. Treat him with love and respect. He, like you, has earned it.

Everything is right with this picture!

–Sri Harold Klemp

Every truth seeker you encounter should expect to find the Master’s welcome in you. How do you express this? How do you show your respect for others?