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Sri Harold warmly invites you to participate in an ongoing Satsang on spiritual leadership.

A selection of articles and Q&As the Master originally presented for the training of RESAs is now offered here for your personal spiritual gain.

This opportunity is of special interest to Second Initiates and above, although available to all chelas. You can view them anytime on most devices.

These posts cover a dynamic range of topics. Sri Harold answers questions about ECK doctrine, the best ways to reach the heart of a seeker, how to resolve tangles in the ECK community, and why love is the only way.

You’ll also find contemplation seeds to open new possibilities of love and service.

Open the Gift!

  • Gain a greater understanding of your role as a steward of divine love in this world.
  • Experiment with new ways to reach out to life as a channel for the ECK.
  • Grow closer to the Inner Master through your mutual love and trust.

Join the Conversation

Comments? Insights? Reactions?

Sri Harold invites you to share your voice with the global ECK community, as well as in local events provided by your RESA. You may add your comments at the end of each blog post.

Every article and Q&A is a portal to the one-on-one Satsang and upliftment from the Inner and Outer Master.  Your personal insights are a boost to life itself as you grow—and you surely will—in divine coworkership, love, and wisdom.

This is the Master’s gift to you.

A Love That Excels All Other Things

We now have the new ECKANKAR Spiritual Center on the same ground as the Temple of ECK, the major ECK seminars in Minneapolis, and even more focus on the Vahana work in the RESA organization. How will that affect ECKANKAR and the life of the chelas all over the world–now and in the future? And what about the world in general?

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Love and Grace

“Mary” recently received her Sixth Initiation. This level taught her much about love and grace.
They are a counterbalance. They counter negative habits like blaming others or ourselves for whatever gives us displeasure or inconvenience. We learn to deal with what the humorist Mark Twain observed about human nature: “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”

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Superhighway of the SUGMAD

Reports are coming in from ECK chelas about the success they are having in reaching seekers. They credit new methods that you have tried in your areas, with prior approval from the ECKANKAR Spiritual Center, and which the ESC then tested before passing them along to other areas.

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